BBC Contradictions

Watching BBC News this morning (no, I don’t know why either). Had a good laugh as they did a piece on the abundance of flowering wild plants in and around Cardiff, UK, this January. No frost to kill ‘em off yet, you see.  So they are interviewing some ‘experts’ and both of them trot out the old global warming theme, conveniently forgetting that last winter was absolutely freezing. Of course, last winter was a ‘weather system’ but this winter it’s ‘climate change’.  Anyway, it’s set to freeze this weekend as the wind swings round to come from the north-west, so bye-bye sweet flowers… see you in spring.

The very next item on the news was the huge snowfall in Alaska. Not a mention of the probable cause, of course – errant weather systems at work again, no doubt.

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~ by theraggededge on January 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “BBC Contradictions”

  1. I watched that too and there have been other broadcasts since. I don’t become involved in this whole climate change/global warming debate but some of the facts are undeniable. My weather station (I’m from Newbury, Berkshire) confirms that as I type this we are 3.7c above the norm for January alone. On top of this, September through December 2011 were also well above normal, in spite of the coldest summer for something like 15 years. Ok, is a trend and are we causing it are two further issues of course. What is undeniable are the phenology trends year on year. The effect of climate on nature is a HUGE concern and I’m glad that it is once again in the news.

    A very good post and I’ll think about subscribing once I’ve had a look around. If you would care to look at my blog, it’s

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

    • Thanks, Tony. I don’t have a clue, really, but I do know that the science of AGW is not settled despite the media constantly proclaiming it as real. Us ‘deniers’ have never denied climate change, just the reasons for it.

      Your blog: Nature’s Timeline is an excellent resource.

  2. Hi, I “discovered” your blog when trying to find info on zentangles as it seemed to me it wasn’t exactly a new thing. I agree with your comments, in fact I realised trying to do the whole thing “right” was actually putting me off doing anything. I quite like your term zendoodle. I did my first one last night and was quite pleased with it for a first try! Now regarding climate change or global warming I can only say we are having strange weather patterns, but if it is global warming, it hasn’t happened in North Wales yet! Since we have no idea of weather patterns before records were kept, we have no idea if these weather patterns happen every so many hundred years. Have you seen the film ” The Day After Tomorrow”?

    • Hi Angela, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I think I first saw ‘zendoodle’ on Milliande’s site. Google her, she has some wonderful videos.

      Weather! Unbelievable, isn’t it? We’re in South Wales attempting to have a summer {{Waving}} Yes, TDAT has a lot to answer for!

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