Royal Mail Revenge

Freepost Royal Mail
Customer Services

6th October 2011

Dear Sir,

I enclose a birthday card and envelope sent to my son. You will see that I was obliged to pay £1.12 in order to have it delivered. The envelope is 13.5 x 19mm, and the card and envelope are approximately 4mm thick. The person who sent it had already bought, and applied a 46p First Class stamp to the envelope.

It is absolutely ridiculous that this card was deemed to be too large for regular letter post and I feel that this is simply another way to grab as much money from the public as possible. I checked your website and the price for a large letter is 75p, so I have no idea how the extra 12p was calculated, as there is no 58p postal tariff listed. It appears that we all need psychic abilities when working out postage costs.

Not only that, the sorting office had to have someone add a sticker and note to the envelope, fill in an excess postage charge card and then have it delivered to me. Incidentally, that excess postage card is much larger than the birthday card. They might as well have delivered the birthday card in the first place!

Please arrange to refund the cost of the extra postage and the handling charge.

Yours faithfully


PS Ironically, this complaint is being sent Freepost in a very large envelope. Hope you are happy to stand the cost of the excess charge!

~ by theraggededge on October 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Royal Mail Revenge”

  1. actually there is a 58p tariff – it’s for Large Letters 2nd Class –

    However as a postie I tend to agree with you in principle. I believe that “Pricing in Proportion” is overcomplicated and prone to mistakes. I have even heard of people receving one of these cards even when the sender has had it checked at a Post Office.

  2. Thanks for the info, Patrick – I only looked at 1st Class because that’s what was on the card.

    Incidentally, I didn’t mention, because I only just found out, the card was posted on the 29th September. so even without the underpayment it wouldn’t have got here until the 5th October.

  3. Just having the same issue with RM and PO
    Apparently it’s if a large letter is sent (97p) and the weight is more 150g it goes up to £1.09 but the sending PO did not spot that so how the hell is the public supposed to? Suspect that Royal Mail know full well about this issue as it’s the most common but are doing rock all about it other than charging the poor recipient the £1 charge. Robdogs

    • Robdoggers indeed. Mine was a standard sized birthday card with a teeny raised embellishment. I had a letter back stating it wouldn’t fit through their 5mm gauge. I was tempted to write and ask for the card back so I could check it at my local PO (why didn’t I think of doing that in the first place?). Palm to face! I did check the thickness by holding it against a ruler and it was under 5mm.

      Moral of the story – don’t buy birthday cards with any kind of badge or adornment unless you have time to have it checked at the Post Office. Card makers take note.

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