Call for debate on compulsory MMR

Sorry that all posts lately are a tad ranty…. but the world is going mad.

Email written today to our local AM (Welsh Assembly Minister – sort of like an MP but with less expenses). I also copied it to the original AM mentioned in the article.

Dear Ms Davidson,

I have just read an article on the BBC website in which a Welsh Assembly minister, Lynne Neagle, is proposing a debate on whether MMR should be compulsory in Wales.

I would like to express my opinion on this and hope that you will take my views into consideration if this debate does take place.

My partner and I are parents to two children aged 10 and 7. We do not intend to have them vaccinated with the MMR. Our reasons are thus:

  • We believe that there has been a total disregard for the consequences of *not* allowing childhood ‘diseases’ to take their normal and natural course throughout the population, i.e 5 – 10 year old children. There is some evidence surfacing now which shows that they are starting to spread unnaturally through other age groups, such as babies and older people with possible negative consequences.
  • It is widely assumed that parents choose not to vaccinate because of fear of autism. This is not the case. Parents who have researched for themselves and looked into the pros and cons of vaccination make their decisions based on many factors, including but not limited to, the risk of autism.
  • Deaths from childhood afflictions were already plummeting before the introduction of vaccines, see
  • A few scientists have suggested that by suppressing the progression of measles, mumps and rubella (incidentally the counter-argument of rubella causing birth-defects can be dealt with by the routine vaccination of teenage girls against rubella) is actually causing worse debilities, including asthma and type II diabetes. Back in the 60s, when I was young it was well known that a dose of measles was the best insurance against asthma. Asthma was so rare that I only knew of two cases while I was growing up.
  • Many parents, including ourselves, have checked out the ingredients lists of the MMR vaccine and the known side-effects, and would rather not take the risk of vaccine damage.
  • It has recently come to light that GPs surgeries have been storing vaccines incorrectly for years, making them worse than useless, i.e. all the risk and no benefits.
  • The US Government has recently admitted that two children have been damaged by the MMR vaccine and have paid several million dollars in compensation.
  • There are many other reasons for not vaccinating, including the non-disclosure by our Government that the original strain of measles contained in MMR in the 90s was causing meningitis and encephalitis. The vaccation was eventually replaced and existing stocks of the original were sold to Brazil, resulting in many damaged children in Salvador. This kind of event does not engender trust in anything that Government health officials say.

For further information where a large amount of data and research has been gathered.

Onto the question of *mandatory* vaccination. This appears to be another attack on the British citizen’s freedom to choose. One of the famously failed mandatory vaccination programmes took place in the US in 1975 (I believe), against ‘flu. Several hundred people were damaged by the vaccine and there were several deaths. Mandatory vaccination is not a good idea for anyone. Please also current views on Gardasil/Cevarix being offered by German scientists.

Lastly, to threaten parents with the ‘your children won’t be accepted at state school’ is pure blackmail. Please, (Ms Lynne Neagle), think about what you are proposing. In this instance the threats won’t work as we home-educate… and I imagine that the current exodus from mainstream education to home-education will continue to increase exponentially if this nonsensical piece of proposed legislation ever comes into being.

Yours sincerely

The Ragged Edge and family

**Yes, of course, I put my full name!

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~ by theraggededge on June 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Call for debate on compulsory MMR”

  1. Excellent letter. Rant away as much as you like – you (usually) make sense!

    I recall my Mum taking me to visit kids with measles/chicken pox/mumps etc. “Best to get it over with whilst you are young” She used to say. A naturally built immune system is far stronger. I think the only jabs we had were against diptheria, smallpox and polio (and perhaps TB). What was the BGC thingy? And before that one they tested us to see if we were immune already.

  2. Hi there,

    It’s dreadful, isn’t it?
    Everything will be mandatory soon just because some moron of a manager says so. I’m glad that neither of my two children go to school – vaccination is just another thing they’d HAVE to endure.

  3. Interesting. My daughter was vaccinated with the MMR at 9 months and developed chronic asthma, severe enough to be hospitalised for three days – within ten days. Doctors swore it was nothing to do with the vaccine. Years later, when she was due for a second dose, I refused and was called a bad mother by the school nurse, the surgery nurse and my own GP. Had I not been a stroppy individual who cared more about said daughter than bullying authorities, I might have relented under pressure. Both my older brother and myself had all the vaccines and both have asthma, although mine is not as severe as his. Our younger brother had no vaccines at all and enjoys much better general health.

    Vaccines are only as good as the conditions they are stored under and in fact the cure can be worse than the disease if the vaccine is not administered properly. Trust the British Government with decisions that deeply affect the health of your child? I think not.

    As for the threat to exclude from State School – there are two words to describe such tactics, both of which do not belong on a family blog site.

    Scribbler – Platform 12.

  4. Thanks for your comments – I have nothing against anyone making the decision to have their child MMRed, I just hope that they have looked into it carefully. There’s plenty of good info out there nowadays.

    Jan, like you, I would have had mine done routinely if it hadn’t been for Richard having a reaction to the old measles jab in 1983. Didn’t know S has asthma. K does too.

    Danae, love your blog – going to have a proper look later. So many great blogs around and so little time to read them all! Can I add it to my blogroll?

    B. Yep, I remember the measle parties. I’m on a list which alerts us when any member’s kids have measles (or mumps/rubella) so that we can go and catch it. None close enough so far.

  5. Thanks for that. It’s really imformative read.
    I love to browse!

    Blog owner note: Yeah… thanks. I removed your teeth-whitening link as I’m sure you’re not really spamming.

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